Коралловый риф, засаженный коноплей и маргаритками.
Прошел Anna's Quest. Игра в целом хорошая, но...
Я почти во всем согласен, кроме Янники, имхо, она ни в чем не виновата.
Winfriede's entire life was a tragedy. Hans died. She was labelled a murderer, blamed for his death, and cast aside by her family. She kept his stuff. His books. His machine. His most cherished possession. She clearly cared for him. A lot. Regretted what happened to him. Sure, she becomes twisted as hell. She isn't a nice person by the time Anna meets her, no... but don't give me any crap about her brushing away Anna's hand and desiring nothing but revenge. They deserved it.
Блядь, да.

@темы: игры, I hate it here